Can a hair dryer kill aphids?

First of all, we have a solution, add toilet water, 5 to 6 drops of wind oil, 75% alcohol, the ratio of our alcohol and toilet water is 2:1, after we finish, we stir evenly.

The toilet water can repel mosquitoes, and at the same time, it can be smashed. Our alcohol can be sterilized. We put it in a small watering can. Now we start to remove the mattress. First of all, let’s blow our mattress with a hair dryer, and adjust the hair dryer to the warm side. If it is hot, it can kill and blow for 2 to 3 minutes.

After blowing, spray the sputum solution we prepared on it. After spraying, pat it with your hands and let the solution penetrate into the inside of the mattress as much as possible. After finishing, let us sit for 2 to 3 minutes to make this solution full. fully utilize

When the time is up, we will blow the mattress again with a hair dryer and blow the mattress dry to prevent the mattress from getting moist and moldy. After the blowing, we opened the window of the bedroom to let the indoor air circulate, so that the mattress could be blown.

What should I do if my clothes are blown yellow by a hair dryer?

1. If the cotton fabric is blown yellow, immediately sprinkle some fine salt, carefully rub it with your hands, and then put it in the sun for a while. After washing with water, the traces of hot yellow will be alleviated or completely eliminated.

2, woolen clothes appear hot yellow, you can use white sputum to add water to dissolve, and then air-cooled, evenly brushed in the hot yellow parts, hot yellow spots will be eliminated.

3, for silk clothing, a little soda powder can be mixed with water into a paste, coated in the hot yellow place, after the water is evaporated, then put on a wet cloth to iron, the burnt spot on the hot yellow can be eliminated.

4. After the chemical fiber fabric is burnt yellow, immediately press it on the wet towel pad again. After the towel is dried, remove it. The hot yellowing phenomenon will be alleviated and even normal.

5, for the material clothes, you can use the hand needle to gently pick the yellow light and slightly bright, until the new fluff is picked up, then you can put a wet cloth on it, use the iron of appropriate temperature to iron the velvet several times, hot yellow The scars at the place can be eliminated.

Precautions for using a hair dryer

1 Hair dryer can only be used in the home, not for other industrial purposes!

2 Make sure your hands are dry during use! Do not immerse the hair dryer in the water!

3 Make sure that the product is away from water. Do not use a hair dryer near the bathroom or other water container!

4 The hair dryer will automatically turn off the power when the overheat protection device is activated. It can be used again after a few minutes of cooling!

5 Do not block the air inlet or air outlet of the hair dryer, keep the air inlet cover clean, and do not block it with hair!

6 After each use, immediately unplug the power supply. After cooling, store it in a well-ventilated, dry place away from sunlight.

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